Biom hand soap, 500 ML

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Product Code: SYN_66900_500ML

A gentle blend containing probiotics for optimal hand cleanliness. Biom Hand Soap contains good bacteria that clean hands on a microscopic level. Pump-top dispenser. Unscented

  • Other Information
  • Biom products contain live, stabilized good bacteria
  • The bacteria are non-GMO and adhere to the highest standards of safety(they are ATCC Class 1 microorganisms, which is the highest possible level of safety)
  • Our probiotics are naturally occurring soil and water bacteria, which are activated once they are applied to surfaces.
  • The probiotics live on surfaces, cleaning microscopic dirt and grime where bad bacteria (pathogens) live.
  • Disinfectants stop working as soon as they dry, leaving surfaces vulnerable to recontamination. Probiotics continue to live on surfaces and clean for up to 5 days.
  • Made in Belgium by HeiQ Chrisal laboratories, the world-wide leader in probiotics cleaning.
  • As effective as disinfectants, and longer lasting.
  • 50 million probiotics per mL in our cleaning concentrates
  • Disinfectants kill both good and bad bacteria, destroying natural healthy microbiomes
  • Safer to use than disinfectants, inhalation safe
  • EU Eco label certified for sustainable production
  • Reduces need for chemical cleaners
  • Eco-friendly, doesn’t harm natural ecosystems and microbiomes
  • Cost-effective (highly concentrated)

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