Cleaning For Health

Pinnacle Home Hygiene is proud to offer these new and innovative Probiotic Cleaning products as a healthier option to the traditional disinfectants & chemicals  used to clean your home.

What is a probiotic cleaner?

Instead of chemicals that kill off all germs in sight, probiotic cleaners are powered by “good” bacteria which create compounds called bio-detergents that detox home surfaces and break down dirt and grime.

How does it work?

Were you raised with the belief that all bacteria are bad? They’re not! In fact, you would not be able to survive without the help of good bacteria. For example, the surface of our skin and our gut are home to millions of essential and beneficial bacteria. e.g. populate our gut.

When cleaning with Biom, you use our friends, the probiotics (good bacteria), by depositing a layer of them on the surface. The probiotics produce enzymes that break down dirt into tiny particles, both during and after cleaning, absorbing the particles and digesting them as food. Probiotics continue to function for days after cleaning, providing a long-lasting cleaning effect. The results: a microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odors.

Probiotic Ceaning

Why use probiotics instead of traditional chemicals?

  • Disinfectants kill both good and bad bacteria, destroying natural healthy microbiomes
  • Disinfectants stop working as soon as they dry, leaving surfaces vulnerable to recontamination. Probiotics continue to live on surfaces and clean for up to 5 days.
  • As effective as disinfectants, and longer lasting.
  • Safer to use than disinfectants, inhalation safe
  • The more disinfectants we use, the more resistant bacteria we create. This is called the decontamination paradox.

Why use Biom?

  • Biom products contain live, stabilized good bacteria
  • The bacteria are non-GMO and adhere to the highest standards of safety(they are ATCC Class 1 microorganisms, which is the highest possible level of safety)
  • Our probiotics are naturally occurring soil and water bacteria, which are activated once they are applied to surfaces.
  • The probiotics live on surfaces, cleaning microscopic dirt and grime where bad bacteria (pathogens) live.
  • Made in Belgium by HeiQ Chrisal laboratories, the world-wide leader in probiotics cleaning.
  • 50 million probiotics per mL in our cleaning concentrates
  • EU Eco label certified for sustainable production
  • Eco-friendly, doesn’t harm natural ecosystems and microbiomes